MUST READ: TWG Rules and Regulations

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MUST READ: TWG Rules and Regulations Empty MUST READ: TWG Rules and Regulations

Post by Laguna Maruko on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:41 pm

Hello, Everyone! And Welcome to Encore Championship Wrestling!

In this topic, we have our Rules and Regulations, specifically for The Wrestling Game. More importantly, any rule that coincides with TWG is mandatory for us as well.


For ECW to be a truly great federation, we need to have individuals who follow the basics of the rules, regulations, and proper role playing etiquette. This helps us to stay true to TWG, develop solid storylines, and most importantly, it helps us all to have fun. The following is some basic information for proper federation rules.


As TWG states as a rule, there is to be NO World Wrestling Entertainment content of ANY kind; no images, videos, logos, or anything else that refers to their trademarked intellectual property. Furthermore, as a part of ECW, please refrain from using any Total Nonstop Action or content as well. If you have a question regarding anything you put in your flash, please ask the management. Use of any other copyrighted/trademarked material should only be used by owner’s permission – including images from Google, etc. If there is anything that is subjected or violating this rule, we will remove it, and issue a warning by Private Message.

Reasoning behind this rule is to keep ECW and TWG out of legal trouble with WWE and TNA corporate. It saves unnecessary time, money, and hassle.


As part of TWG and TCW, we are to uphold professionalism and decency. Therefore, there will be no swearing of any kind; no offensive images, videos, or music. Vulgarity, racism, and nudity are not allowed within a show. There are other off-limited topics as well, so please use common sense accordingly.

However, light censored swearing is allowable within reason, but please try to use (censored) rather than #$%$ masking. It isn’t very text-friendly when reading a show. Also, the content containing censoring will also be judged so if you are discussing something offensive and disgusting as long as you censor the swearing it will still be in breach of this rule.

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