MUST READ: ECW Rules and Regulations

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MUST READ: ECW Rules and Regulations Empty MUST READ: ECW Rules and Regulations

Post by Laguna Maruko on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:45 pm

Shows for Encore Championship Wrestling are Sunday and Wednesday, which air on the TWG server time on Sundays at [2100], and Wednesday at [2100]. Sunday is our MAJOR show, therefore all roleplays will be used that show.

This goes completely without mentioning, but as a developed character, stay in character (IC) at all possible times during your flashes. If you do have an out of character or out of role play (OOC/OORP) reply or response, make sure that it is clearly mentioned in parenthesis or brackets to let everyone know and understand that you are separating character breaks.

Never use OOC information in character in any way, shapes, or form. This can potentially damage you as a person in the real world. There are a number of individuals who play TWG and have access to the forums, and there is no way to tell what kind of people are out there. For example, please do not openly give out an address or phone number in a role play, or a publicly open topic. If you do happen to give out any information, personal or otherwise, send it through a personal message to make sure the information isn’t improperly intercepted.

Be considerate of the role playing mood of other individuals. If you do happen to come into a situation where the other characters are already engaged in a role play, don’t leap in with a radically different mood unless you have permission.

If there happens to be anything in your life that is a possible problem, or will hinder your ability to role play for upcoming shows, please do not hesitate to let any of the management know, or make it publicly known in the General Discussion thread. This is for a lot of people in feuds (or potential feuds) who disappear for no apparent reason, and without notice. This also gives an understanding that your character will be “out of action” for an undetermined amount of time. Also, if you are potentially deciding to leave the federation, give at least one or two weeks notice, so that you are written out of any storylines properly and with dignity.

Working within the federation requires good friendships, and more importantly, a lot of respect. Without respect for your fellow superstars within the federation, the less likely you will be positively looked toward for potential feuds and interesting storylines. It also extends to even have favorable attitudes for title opportunities, or even asked about creative ideas. So, as a federation member for ECW and to stay in good standing in the shows, we ask you to at least show common courtesy when amongst other members.

This includes players that specifically target role-players for verbal or physical abuse (not limited to offensive language, derogatory statements, etc.). If a player is found to be targeting role-players with the specific intent to harass, he/she may be temporarily suspended from upcoming shows, pay per views, storylines, feuds, and up to and including release from the federation itself. ECW has a Zero Tolerance policy against players who specifically decide to prey on the innocent.

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