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What is Roleplaying? Empty What is Roleplaying?

Post by Laguna Maruko on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:09 am

What is Role Playing?

Remember when you were little and you used to play dress-up or "pretend"? Role playing is an advanced version of that game. Role playing is a way for people to express themselves and their creativity while having fun at the same time. Role playing was popularized with Dungeons and Dragons, a pen-and-paper (PnP) RPG. Since the dawn of the computer age, role playing has shifted from board games to video games. Role playing in an MMO is virtually different than role playing by you, as there are as many rules as there are people. However, there is a general consensus of the rules of role play, which have been laid out in this guide.

The Wrestling Game (TWG) is a virtual management of a single wrestler. For your wrestler to be a part of any federation your wrestler must be at a level 5; no General Manager in the history of TWG will recruit a member who is below a level five. Once you have been recruited (as you already have been, being a part of SCW currently), you have the freedom to manage yourself creatively within the forum.

Role playing also has a tendency to be associated with various other non-mainstream sub-cultural fandom and groups, such as furry/anthro fandom, and Gothic/vampire fandom. As with the furry fandom, and sexual diversity in various other forms, is not unknown. It is for this reason, that role playing should generally be considered an activity for people who don't take part in this kind of role play. The style of role play of TWG is uniquely set within the world of professional wrestling, and working within a federation is working under a general manager, and quite possibly a vice general manager, working a major and minor show to earn fantaeuros.

Anti-Role players
These players will deliberately go out of their way to ruin your immersion and experience, in game and out. They do so by forum-trolling signified role play posts, and spamming during a role play session or other annoyances that distract from your role playing experience. Basically, the Anti Role Player (AR) is the kid knocking over sand castles at the beach; they can't be bothered putting effort into building something up, so they'll feel better if they destroy someone else's work. While the AR seeks to show some kind of superiority to get you to buckle, ignoring their subversion is the best response. Find a really big rock and build your sand castle around it.

You could always just treat them like an OOC object, and act like they're not there and they are calling out wrestlers and demanding title shots aren't actually calling you out or getting title shots,
and there is also the end-all to ARs; General Managers and Vice General Managers. They are your most effective weapons in your arsenal against ARs. After all, they're not role playing, so just report them if they are any hassle.

Indifferent to Role playing
These players seek neither to create nor destroy other individual’s role playing experience. Some that fall into this category may want to role play, or at least experiment from time to time this guide is mainly for you. Others may be content to stay under the radar at all times, keeping their chat within the rules stated by TWG and enjoy the server purely for the fantaeuros and Tournament Points. Then there is a percentage that leans back towards the AR, not openly sabotaging role play but holding disregard for it.

Light Role Player
Ah, this is where it starts to get fun! Welcome to the first tier of playing a character. Light role playing is when you start to modify your responses to seem more appropriate for your character. Light role play usually involves characters that are very similar in personality to you, as to take some of the complexity away from the experience. To some people, this is a good balance between what is enjoyable without being pedantic. The characters motivations are more or less the same as your own, but with a twist. Out of character chat is not uncommon or looked down upon; party/tag/stable chat is best left OOC. As far as advancement in the game, role playing never takes precedent over your enjoyment of the game as a whole. However, a light role-player will usually have a somewhat believable motivation for doing so within a wrestling federation.

Medium Role player
A bit of a step up, here are some of the differences to a light role player. Medium Role-players usually have a back-story for their character that explains their past. This past helps to define the character in present and future actions. Medium role players with accent classes will likely adopt it (or a suitable back story to explain otherwise), and speak mannerisms may be developed; Maybe an unusual accent, way of punctuating or getting a message across. Out of character chat is usually indifferent to a medium role player, but always denoted by (()) or OOC: . A character may be different, or an aspect of the player’s personality they wish to explore. Players often choose to ignore names, meaning a proper introduction is required to know who someone is, just like in real life. Medium role players may start to shun areas of the game that do not agree with their character.

Heavy Role player
This is where role playing takes complete precedence over any aspect of the game. A player will not engage in player killing unless there is a motivation to. A player will probably not even run unless in haste. Every word that leaves the character's mouth belongs to that of the character, the player behind is probably a completely different person. Immersion is paramount to the heavy role player, as their entire enjoyment comes out of this. A heavy role player will not stand for anti-role players and even indifferents to a degree. A heavy role player is forced, even at the worst of times, to play as their character. Out of character talk is very, very sparse, always at least denoted by ((double brackets)); or whispers. A heavy role player will not use the general chat channel. It is not uncommon for a HR to not use the Chatbox or any other long distance forms of communication, as this distracts from their immersion. A heavy role player will always have a back story, a clear sense of character, and a strong intention on future for a character. A HR character is ever changing, making their mark on the world and letting the world mould their character.

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