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Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines  Empty Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

Post by Laguna Maruko on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:11 am

This section goes over the guidelines and information on how TCW performs proper role playing within the federation.

A personal federation issue is having role players who use a weapon as their role playing outlet to attack the other role players with constant and repetitive use of chairs, barbed wire bats, ladders, 2x4s, trash cans, sledgehammers, brass knuckles, or any other kind of weapon. Mind you, this is allowed, but a repeat use (unless it is a comedic signature of a gimmick or storyline per General Manager’s approval) is very annoying and can ruin a perfectly good role play. However, there are specific rules with regards to weapons.

Rules with weapons are as follows:

1. No injuries. We will not ―break bones or ―put someone out of action. This will only happen if there is a pre-arranged storyline between the parties involved.
2. It will be creative. It will not just involve grabbing a baseball bat and randomly running around hitting members.
3. It will be true to character.
4. Do not use it to just to show you are dominating, unless again, it is part of a storyline. An attack on someone who doesn’t know it is coming is both cowardly and a good sign of weakness.

God Moding is simply when you take control of others without permission from the character you’re controlling. We all aren’t Superman; impervious to defeat. Any action that you do to perform against another member, no matter what the action might be, should be phrased as an attempt, rather than a complete action, upon that character. By making an attempt rather than doing it outright, you give the character’s player a chance to consent to the action, avoid it, or discuss the action, if it’s something that they’d rather not have happen to their character, and it is out of common courtesy and respect. Again, discuss all possible outcomes.

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