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ECW Roleplaying Deadlines Empty ECW Roleplaying Deadlines

Post by Laguna Maruko on Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:25 pm

To all of my lovable superstars out there, there has been a bit of discrepancy about roleplays coming in last minute, and the shows being confirmed too early. Well, I am here to clear the air.

As a GM, being prompt and accountable shows professionalism to the guys above me, which means quicker ascension to the top. On top of the that, I reside in the United States in California. My time is a lot different from a lot of you out there, and thus, we may not be on the same page here. So therefore, when I make my last minute changes to the show (as last night in example), I confirmed the show at 1AM. Then I went to sleep for about eight hours. A man has to sleep sometime.

So, with regards to the hassle and confusion, I am setting a deadline for all roleplays, because, even though understanding that Justin Payne is my associate, I have the show set up to run smoothly. And

- Deadlines for Encore Championship Wrestling flashes and roleplays are due no later than Saturday 13:00 TWG Server Time!!

Of course, I will most likely be up working on the show up until 14:00 TWG time, so if you're a couple minutes late on it, I really won't mind it that much. But once I hit the sack (which is about 15:00 TWG time), you're shit out of luck.

Now that you all know, I should have anymore excuses!! XD

Laguna Maruko
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