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Post by Laguna Maruko on Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:29 pm

The following will be administered (copy and pasted) as a global message throughout TWG as well to the roster, so pay attention;


This is a disclaimer to notify each and every member of Encore Championship Wrestling's roster. Encore Championship Wrestling, on behalf of and all subsidararies, provide itself as a form of entertainment and enjoyment throughout in the form of text-based professional wrestling creativity. As a General Manager of a federation, and on behalf of the Vice General Managers here at ECW, I am to provide high quality and entertaining shows for the other individuals here on ECW, and TWG, by way of compelling storylines and feuds, eye-pleasing graphic cards, videos, and other non-WWE/TNA copyrighted wrestling elements.

As a member of a roster and a federation, it is at the signed superstar's own discretion to comply with the GM, VGM, and any other official who is part of ECW's management or creative staff. In other words, it is NOT MANDATORY for YOU, as a member, to create and come up with your own interesting feuds and/or storylines. However, it is required and mandatory of the federation to do so, and it is a requirement of management.

Therefore, with this being said, you are part of a contract, and as a contracted wrestler, we, as management, are obligated to fulfill our duties to abide by your contract; as a contracted wrestler, you are under terms to perform under a creative outlet. If you do not wish to provide any sort of creativity within ECW, as management, we may use your superstar as part of creative storylines to make our shows more compelling and innovative. As a contracted wrestler, ECW management assumes all creativity used by your character shall go on without a hitch, with or without your input.

If you DO NOT wish this to take place without your consent, you have a few options available to you.

- Go to, register as a superstar, and become actively involved.
- PM myself, or "Dangerous" Justin Payne, and explain to us that you do not wish this to happen, and if there is a valid reason why. If you do wish to remain part of the roster, include that as well.
- Ask for a release from your contract. Free Release from Contracts will be considered with a valid excuse; "I don't wanna lose FE or wait to sign with someone else," will be ignored.

The reasoning behind this is just to make sure that you understand that this will happen with your character, and that no one get's upset or hurt if they see that their own character is being godmodded on the show. Again, the best way to make sure your character isn't made to look like a total tool, would be to participate.

So, if you haven't done so, now would be a great time to check out the forum at and become actively involved in your show! The more active you are shows us you're willing to go main event status, make more FEs and get better matches, and possibly a better contract.


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