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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Empty 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Post by Laguna Maruko on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:34 am

Five Questions of Role playing
To sum it all up, you will have to ask yourself these five questions to get the basics down and to make a qualifying roleplay:

1. Where is the story taking place? (In the ring, the parking lot, backstage, the locker room, the GM’s office, the commentator’s table, etc.)
2. Who is involved? (Commentators, backstage interviewers, other wrestlers, tech crew, security, General Managers, Vice General Managers, etc.)
3. What actions are taking place? (Discussing a title shot, recent win/loss, attack you received/applied, a GM dispute, etc.)
4. What is my purpose? What are my intentions of this particular event? What am I trying to get?
5. If I were a stranger reading this, would I understand everything that is happening, according to my role play, and previous ones already posted in the forum?

If you ask yourself these simple questions with each role play that you write, you’ll notice them getting longer and fuller, because you will answer these questions, and find out what your role play is truly missing; what ―meat‖ is still required of it. A good role play takes time and effort to create, and you’ll find that even the simplest, meaningless interviews will take on a whole new shape when you ultimately answer these five questions.

Things that make a solid character in a role play A gimmick; a solid gimmick for your wrestler gives you a guide for RPs. Mongo likes to sneak. So he will often sneak upon someone and speak. He then bolts as quickly as he can. Spelling and writing skills; try to do your best with this. Use punctuation, and space out a bit for easier reading. If you can’t speak English very well, ask or use a web based translator! We are always happy to assist you with your English. Added Elements; TCW has its own announcers and backstage interviewers, along with general managers and vice general managers. Use them. You can also use the environment, build the entrance, or even use valets/managers to deepen the RP. Length; Sometimes a short RP is ok, but just make it a good quality role play. Avoid using one liner sentences when you write one out. Color Coding, creates an aesthetic schematic to denote parts of you RP.

Work together; sometimes communicating with whom you are role playing with you can set the full scenario so you can both RP appropriately.

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