Spartio's ambush

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Spartio's ambush Empty Spartio's ambush

Post by Droid on Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:00 pm

The "Immortal" Spartio grabs Droid's arms between his legs
and throws him forward in a pinfall position performing a Recliner Pin!!
Referee starts counting...
*Bonesaw rolls the referee out of the ring and begins to aggressively attack the referee at ringside, Bonesaw then picks up a chair and willingly hits it in the referee's face causing the referee to bleed excessively, Sylvester Stallone and Bill Graham rush into the ring from the crowd*

*Sylvester Stallone hits The "Immortal" Spartio with three body slams and a Samoan drop then Bill Graham goes to Echko who is lying on the ground in sorrow and pain after Sylvester Stallone's damage, Bill Graham then gives Echko an ankle lock for about 2 minutes and exxecutes an armbar on The "Immortal" Spartio's arm for another 2 minutes. Bonesaw then comes into the ring with the steel chair and uses it to viciously attack the helpless The "Immortal" Spartio, Droid then finally executes a Droid Splash on The "Immortal" Spartio who is obviously knocked out with blood rushing out from both his torso and his face*

Droid: It's obvious that Spartio did not get the meaning of this 4 on 1 situation. He decided to mess with me and well, well, well, look what he's done to himself. Bill, Sylvester and Bonesaw came in and we all destroyed him with slams, locks, weapons and finishers. WHAT A LOSER!!, Welcome to ECW Spartio, Well tonight I believe The Executioners have sent a message to the locker room and as for this helpless little punk, Maybe it's time for you to go see the doctor, I hope after this you learn your lesson or else next time it would be your rusty old car that will get destroyed, probably even burnt. HAHAHA !!!

*The Executioners walk out of the ring and down the ramp to the backstage area as their music plays*

*The camera zooms away*


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