ECW's Continental Season.

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ECW's Continental Season. Empty ECW's Continental Season.

Post by Droid on Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:45 pm

It's extremely great for us that we've finally found our way into the Continental rankings. This gets us closer to competing with the likes of APW, SCT, CEW, NICW etc The only way for us to show that we deserve to get to the Mondial rankings is if we make good roleplays and start working on our wrestler's popularity.

As you all can see, there's no more voting for shows but now they suddenly use fans to rate shows which I find silly because someday everyone would have 4000fans and there will be a serious problem. So now I believe this means that the only way ECW can be in the mondial is if we all increase our fan count and I believe that's only possible if we are in a match on the fed show and the only way to be in a match is if you roleplay and prove that you deserve to be in a show in the forum. I know I've got one of the lowest fan counts in the show but I'm working on that and It will soon come up. Entrances are also used now to judge shows so I advise everyone to try their best to gain fantaeuros for entrances and now it'll be tougher since everyone who plays gains wages. But please people, Increase your entrances and roleplay. That's the only way ECW can be a success.


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