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Post by Echko on Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:36 pm

**Save Me by Burn Halo echoes around the arena as the Echko come out to no reaction**

Announcer:Coming down to the ring, from Clearlake, CA, The dynamite, Echko!

Echko casually walks to the ring and climbs one of the turnbuckles. He starts raising his hands, but realizes the crowd no longer reacts to him so he just stares and jumps into the ring**

Echko:Well, we are coming into a new season. And with a new season comes a new attitude. A new way of life. A new beginning. And a new story for me to write and how I write it is, whatever I do in the ring, it'll be one for the books. So that means that I will no longer use this themesong. Next time I come out here, I will have a theme perfect for me. But on another note, I have something to confess. So if you all please look to the titantron and watch again how obnoxious I was.

**A reel plays showing Echko attacking the teacher and destroying the Mercedes. And Echko, in the ring, looks disappointed by what he sees.**

Echko: I never noticed how crazy I looked until somebody told me how crazy they think I am. So, if I offended anybody, I apologize. I do what is best for me, but that was way out of line. Now, I have something new to address. Who was the one who basically told me I was crazy?

** A picture of the teacher from last week appears on the titantron**

Echko: I thank this man just for showing me how crazy I looked. So to kick off my new beginning, I have invited the teacher back here next week and he has agreed. I'd like to start off with a clean slate and a new oppurtunity. I have heard that the Rookie Championship is now vacant due to somebody wanting to be released or something like that. Alot of rookies are scratching and clawing their way to the title. The fact of the matter is that I am better than any rookie found here in the ECW and I will prove it. Until the first Pay-Per-View, I will issue an open challenge to any local who thinks they can prove to be a better rookie than me. And at the first event, I will be the new Rookie Champion! And to ensure that it will be a far match, I want it to be a steel cage match!

**Save Me by Burn Halo plays as a steel cage descends around Echko.**


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