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Post by Echko on Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:44 pm

Commentator:Bonesaw tries for a suplex but Echko reverses it into a suplex of his own!. Echko lifts Bonesaw up and tries for a Sambo Suplex, but Bonesaw reverses it into a Downward Spiral! And Echko rolls out of the ring! Bonesaw chases after Echko, but Echko grabs the ring bell and smacks Bonesaw in the face! Bonesaw has won this match by disqualification!

Echko: I have a new attitude. I will no longer "entertain" these fans. These fans have a different idea of entertainment. I was put in this squash match and they were already booing me everytime I nailed a move. So I have a message to all of these fans, Screw you!

**Echko gives the fans a derrogatory sign language**

Echko: I have heard from several diffferent people. My father, who was in the wrestling industry as well, told me that in order to achieve my goals and dreams, I must get over with the fans. I have already tried that and all it got me was ignorance. So now, as Rise Against has said, I'm done asking, I demand! I demand that I am noticed. This new attitude of mine is just what I needed. The only person I rely on is me! I need to express myself, and if I get suspended or fired or taken off of the mic and tv, I know why.

**Echko, now smiling, looks to the locker room yelling, I can't be silenced!**

Echko:I'll know why. And it won't be because I offended people. it will be because just like the teacher from last week, they don't like freedom of speech. They don't like it when someone expresses themselves. In fact, if i were to be suspended because of this, I have one request. Fire me! If I can't speak my mind here, I don't belong here! And this new attitude of mine, will be expressed right now!

**Echko nails a Sambo Suplex to Bonesaw! Echko gets on his knees to a fallen Bonesaw and laughs at him. Echko now has the mic back in his hand**

Echko: I am very sorry, Bonesaw, but you were just the unlucky one tonight. Really, I have nothing against you. And I do hope one day, you grow the hell up and join me in my quest to be heard!

**Hero by Skillet blasts around the arena as the fans start booing Echko back to the Locker room**


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