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Post by Echko on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:49 pm

**Hero by Skillet blasts around the arena as Echko makes his way to the ring in his black T-shirt with a 450 design on it reading 450-E. Echko is clutching a rolled up poster in his right hand and he climbs the turnbuckle and spits outside the ring and jumps in the ring**

Announcer:Ladies and gentlemen, please help me to welcome back--

**Echko suckerpunches the announcer in the jaw and laughs as he grabs his microphone**

Echko: I feel like I am the only one worthy enough of announcing such Talent of my caliber. So bear with me as I practice. I am the Dynamite Kidd, weighing in at 233 pounds from Clearlake, CA, I am Echko!

**the fans start booing him as if he was the neighborhood bully**

Echko: I know wasn't it great? Anyway, on to business. I was on vacation for a while in Hawaii. And I was lounging on my chair at the beach drinking a Margarita when a movie producer approached me. He said I was the best talent here in the ECW, and he wants me to star in his latest film, The Boxer. Its about a boxer who is getting pai to lose to other boxers. And finally, nobody wants to see him anymore because they think he is trash. He can't find a job, loses his house and family. And he beats the hell out of three street thugs and thats when he realizes he deserves better. So he goes back to Madison Square Garden to "lose" to another fighter. But instead of losing, he beats him senseless down for the 10-count. His booker, didn't pay him, but everybody else payed him big. It's kind of funny. I am living that role right now so of course I said yes. Just look at how great I look on this poster.

**Echko holds up the poster pointing to himself in his white boxing gloves stained with blood and his white shorts with an angry expression.**

Echko:I look amazing on this poster, so just imagine me on the poster of an ECW PPV. And speaking of which, wy is Droid on the poster and not me? I have more wins here than he ever will. I am the best man here in the ECW. I am better than Droid. Better than Laguna. And sure as hell am better than Payne. Nobody here can fly higher than me! And nobody here can take that damage like me! I deserve a title shot at any chosen title. I don't care which title, but I do deserve a title shot. And if anybody disagrees, you can come and see me, but I guarantee that you will not be leaving the same way you get here. I am Echko, and I am so much better than any other wrestler you have ever seen!

[center]**Hero by Skillet plays again as Echko makes his way to the back with a surround sound of boos from the crowd**


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