Want To Be Apart Of The ECW Staff?

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Want To Be Apart Of The ECW Staff? Empty Want To Be Apart Of The ECW Staff?

Post by "Dangerous" Justin Payne on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:34 pm

ECW currently has openings for the staff!

...Well, one opening, but still! It's a chance to be a VGM!

We are currently looking for someone to be the permanent commentators of ECW, as in, you will roleplay as the commentators!

What you will need to do, is:

-Commentate for each match, the way a real commentator would! (Like, every five to ten moves + finishing moves, near falls, submissions, and signatures)

-Write the closing for the show! (Which normally means a basic recap of everything that happened)

-And, very rarely, the intro! (Normally, me or Laguna will write the intro, but, if we cannot do so, you can take over Very Happy)

So, anyone want to do this? It will be greatly appreciated, as it will make our shows just that much better looking, and more enjoyable to read/watch!

Just message me or Laguna Maruko for more information!
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