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Post by Laguna Maruko on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:51 am

For those of you who prefer to use an additional element or two in your roleplaying, these are the prominent partners of Encore Championship Wrestling:

ECW Staff Members JackDaniels
Jack Daniels
General Manager

Jack Daniels is a no-nonsense kind of guy, preferring that his superstars get straight to the point and not beat off-topic. Ingenuity is his game, and he would much rather see losses for a compelling outlook rather than make the dough and have a boring show.

ECW Staff Members CharlieBriggs2
Charlie Briggs
ECW Ring Announcer

Charlie Briggs is the "Heel" Announcer to the ECW announcing crew. Catching every slip-up, commenting on everything he can to get a rise out of his partner, Brent Masters, he loves to jump at every opportunity. Speaking with a tawdry British accent, he is reminiscent of a James Bond-gone-wrong. He hates Big Gulps.

ECW Staff Members BrentMasters
Brent Masters
ECW Ring Announcer

Brent Masters is the "Face" Announcer, attempting to make good out of everything on the show. Difficult at times, he is hard pressed by GM Daniels and Charlie Briggs as they both try to bring the worst out of Masters. To no avail, Masters does his job with integrity and the utmost of pride.

ECW Staff Members AmiTsukino
Ami Tsukino
Roving Reporter

ECW'a very own roving reporter, on the job and at hand for everything needed outside the ring!

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